Drag and Drop Degree Planner

Transfers, prereqs, coreqs, and requirements all handled for you automatically

Template Plans to Rocket You to the Finish!

Template plans per program, created by your advisor to help you get through the basics with ease and specialize after

Powerful Audit & Advisor Review

Gain 100% confidence that your plan will take you to graduate on time. Build your plan, then submit for advisory review & final approval 

Create a custom degree plan, graduate on time

See your entire degree program on one screen and visualize your success. Import your transfer courses & AP, pick a degree that works for you, and drag and drop courses in to fulfill all your requirements. Then, when you’re ready, work with your advisor to finalize a plan that’s as smart and accredited as you are. 


All without guess work, fighting with a massive paper catalog, or filling out spreadsheets.

Intuitive Drag and Drop Interface

Students can build degree plans in an intuitive way by just dragging-and-dropping within the interface to pull courses from a list and drop them into a calendar. This empowers students to comfortably take control of planning their future without the software ‘getting in the way.’

Tracks Degree Progress as you Build

Each time a student adds a course into the plan, the degree progress bars are automatically updated in real time! This enables students to know with great precision how complete their degree plan is and to track whether they will be able to complete their degree on time.

Automatic handling of Requirements & Prerequisites

The degree planner prevents courses from being taken out of turn, helping students know that their plan is going to allow them succeed. Users can intelligently manage prerequisites, co-requisites, and even more complex requirements such as pairs of courses required and optional courses required.

Easy! ‘Start-from-Template’ then Personalize

In order to make this as easy as possible, students can simply tap a button to see with 75% of the program planned out for them. This allows them to spend more time focusing on customizing their educational plan, rather than planning the basics.

Do You Have Any Questions? Read Our FAQs Section and Feel Free to Ask

If your university is on our platform, yes! But if not, reach out to us on the contact form below and we’d be happy to get your university into our queue.


Once we have enough requests for any one school, we will onboard them ourselves to the overall platform as a “non-sponsored” university so that students can use the Planner themselves, even without advisory support. This helps us reach our goal of supporting all students, regardless of legacy systems and bureaucracy.

DegreeSight’s data engineers start from the truest source possible – the published PDF catalog. From there, we load in all courses and their prerequisites, then we proactively audit the entire catalog for errors, and then we do a secondary human review to ensure accuracy. All of this is then fed into the advisory team(s) at the university for their final review and sign-off.


In short, we triple check the data when loading it in, and then we ask for a final validation of your personal plan by your advisor during the review & approval process.

No! DegreeSight fully believes in your right to privacy, so the only information we track is your email address so that we can log you into the system, and we only share that with your university. 

Nope! We have one of two offerings available:


  1. University sponsored – where your university pays for the license and gets full access by their advisory teams.
  2. Non-sponsored – where students can use the planner and build as many personalized plans as they’d like, but will have to print off their plans and bring them manually to review with your advisors.

Add Your University to the Wait List

We’d love to hear from you! If your university is not already supported by DegreeSight, please let us know and we’ll add it to our wait list