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A better workday

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A better workday

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How It Works

Built fully in the cloud to scale to your needs, DegreeSight is the most powerful and intuitive degree planner on the market. And with a quick, non-integrated, services-oriented on-boarding process, we’ll get your team up and running in a matter of weeks!

Prerequisites, corequisites, options, etc.

Whether your university just uses prereqs and coreqs, or whether you get more creative, DegreeSight can handle it all! One of the following, these two or these three, or these two plus pick one from this list, 


DegreeSight has the most powerful prerequisites management algorithms on the market, and we love it when universities challenge us with the hardest problems they can throw at us!

Program configurations, with error prevention

Configure programs in draft mode and configure your programs’ requirements using our simplified and streamlined Program Builder. 


DegreeSight’s Program Builder includes a continuous, error-preventing audit that runs while the configuration is first being entered which warns the configuration team up front before a Program is ever released,. This makes sure any mistakes made are caught early on, and every Program shown to your students is 100% achievable by design.

Plan templates, w/ flexible placeholders

Students don’t want to build their plans from scratch, and advisors don’t want to either! DegreeSight makes it easy to make both worlds happy, by creating Template Plans per Program offered at your university that students can piggy-back off of and build from. 


Save 80% of your time in advising conversations by starting your students off with a template of their choosing, and focus your conversations on what matters most – the student and their personalized plan.

Cloud hosted, easy setup. No integration required!

With a ground-breaking configuration & setup process, DegreeSight is able to get 100% accurate data into our system with no integrations required! 


We have found that our non-integrated solution is often 98% accurate, whereas the data from the SIS is often 85% accurate. This difference in data quality allows DegreeSight to get up and running faster, with less effort from your staff, and drives a better solution for the students.


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