Students build a personalized degree plan


The system validates the plan in real-time as the student builds

Share & Engage!

Advisors track and engage with the students to give further direction on their educational career

Why are we doing this?

Advisors are overwhelmed

A study by the North American Counsel and Academic Advising found that the average advisor case loads per semester (2011) at today’s larger universities is a staggering 600 students per semester! DegreeSight helps support advisors in handling this growth using automation.

4 Years

*nat'l graduation rates (2011)

6 Years

*nat'l graduation rates (2011)

Many students aren’t graduating on time

Students have a myriad of challenges that they face every day in their college careers. DegreeSight ensures complexity isn’t one of them.

How does DegreeSight help?

Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Interface

Students can build degree plans intuitively through a drag-and-drop interface to pull courses from a list and drop them into a calendar. This empowers students to comfortably take control of planning their future without the software ‘getting in the way.’

Tracks Degree Progress as you Build

Each time a student adds a course into the plan, the degree progress bars update automatically in real time! This enables students to know precisely how complete their degree plan is and to track whether they will be able to complete their degree on time.

Automatic handling of Requirements & Prerequisites

The degree planner prevents courses from being taken out of turn, giving students confidence that their plan will lead them to success. They can intelligently manage prerequisites, co-requisites, and even more complex requirements such as pairs of courses required and optional courses required.

Easy! ‘Start-from-Template’ then Personalize

In order to make this as easy as possible, students can simply tap a button to see  75% of the program laid out for them. This allows them to spend more time focusing on customizing their educational plan rather than planning the basics.